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Dying Messiah
State Of Paranoia 2009

The third release by the one man band Dying Messiah. A far more death influenced album than my last Dying Messiah Review (See old blog entry), this one mirrors some of the old death metal masters. I noticed both Deicide and Cannibal Corpse elements just to name a couple. Rich, who writes and performs all instruments, never dissapoints me when it comes to his albums.
Track List:
1. Philosopher of the Dying World
2.Nothing is Certain but Death
3.Rotting Sickness
4. Chemical Psychosis
5. the Mourning of Vengeance
6. Kill on Sight
7. The Gripping Hands of Addiction
8. Frail and Dying


 "DEATH BY METAL FANZINE REVIEW" Dying Messiah is the mastermind of lone assassin Richard Schierer. He writes and performs every instrument on this demo with a total of 9 songs of sickened blackish death metal. Damn this is fucking powerful, the style of riffs he can comeup are good. they have a good musical approach kinda like Possessed, Dark Throne and Morbid Angel. The drum machine is not bad, you will notice it quickly but am not going to crucify he on that. I will say he has some lungs from hell, very black metal with some death growls in there. this is some good stuff. I highly praise efforts of bands who take the time to write good songs. DM is one of those bands/artists that makes the point across what there vision of musick the desire to write. I highly recommended this demo to those who want to taste what the real underground is all about.


California is a place that metal comes in all forms and genres. Black metal, death metal, cybergore, hardcore, and metalcore are some of the different types of music that comes from California, and let's not forget the thrash metal scene which was born in the Bay Area of California in the early 80's. Dying Messiah mix a variety of different elements when it comes to this release, "The Church of the Selfish" gives the listener brutality mixed with almost a melodic darkness. Black metal elements are also present in the tracks. "The Breeding of Ignorance" shows a real black metal influence, the next track entitled, "The Weak Shall Inherit Nothing" give the listener a touch of technical death metal music also. The grim vocal style of Dying Messiah gives me a Sadus feeling of influence. All in all Dying Messiah have given the underground a very good debut here. All kinds of variety give this release a fresh originality that people will surely enjoy. Hopefully Dying Messiah can keep the flow of talent going with whatever the next release will be! "The Church of the Selfish" is a great beginning for Dying Messiah.


Underground Is Still Alive
http://www'>">http://www. myspace. com/diy_metal 

Nation:U S A --California
Line up:Richard Schierer-all instruments
WEB myspace'>">myspace. com/DyingMessiah
Dying Messiah, is a one man band, from Lakewood California and the CD is more an album that a self-realized demo.

Richard is the only member of the band, he propose a wonderful Black Death Metal, a great masterpiece that it needs your attention and DEVOTION!
Opens the cd "The breeding of ignorance" rhythmic heavy song with raids of melodic guitars, very suggestive in the middle part and crowned by a beautiful solo. The following song is "The weak shall inherit nothing" evil with its powerful riffs, and the next is "Heretic Jesus" played by good arrangements. The next two songs, "Angel in black" and the title track "The Church of the Selfish", have both and acoustic introductions and they drag us in their dark and evil guitar riffs, ready to enjoy the listener and lovers of the genre. Other tracks are "Hour of darkness", then the long and impressive "Scars of failure" and "We're only equal in the grave", that is introduced by keyboards symphony opening like Epic Metal style (Very Good!).

The final song is " Thin out the numbers ", opened by mocking fun spoken intro, is composed by evil riffs (" Deicide " style), and it closes a splendid job! HOT RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed By: Uncle Sam


"Dying Messiah is a good mix of black metal and death metal. Dying Messiah is definantly on my list of good blackened death metal bands.

This album, 'The Church of the Selfish', is a good second release by Dying Messiah. The musical aspects of this album are interesting, to say the least. The guitar work is nice and dark, and there are a lot of notable guitar solos. There is a lot of added atmosphere with the guitar in this band, especially in the intro of 'Angel in Black'. The vocals are a great mix of both genres. They include deeper screams, as well as raspy sounding screams.

This album is well put together. Dying Messiah is, in short, a great mix of two worlds of music. I would recommend grabbing yourself a copy of this release"



review by Jesse A Lambertson exclusively for


It is very interesting that Dying Messiah has as their first "blog" at myspace their top 10 influencing albums. They list No. 1 as Metallica's And Justice for All, No. 5 as Cannibal Corpse's Eaten Back to Life, and The Ramones' Self Titled album holds the No. 10 spot. Why do I think this is interesting? Because the band is really asking its listeners, intentionally or unintentionally, to judge it according to criteria and that criteria can be simultaneously freeing to the band…or damaging. In Dying Messiah's case, it's freeing because they are artier and black metal creative than any of the bands they mentioned. I am surprised Dying Messiah did not mention Darkthrone on their list because they are more akin to them than any of the mentioned bands. Dying Messiah's The Church of the Selfish is not derivative in any way, but they play smooth and heavy like something between Darkthrone and Keep of Kalessin. In other words, if the band is honest in relaying these bands of influence, then they have in fact, to refer to the great literary critic Harold Bloom, risen above the Anxiety of Influence.

It is not that Dying Messiah is in fact a straight black metal band, but that genre does in fact leave some real room for evil and creativity in a way that no other metal subgenre does. At least according to the guys in Ulver who have played with black metal and have talked about what they like about it. In Dying Messiah's case, they growl like something from the days of early Between the Buried and Me, which to me specifically marks DM as absolutely an American Metal band. I say this as a compliment because one has roots and one has variations and all these play a factor in building the awesome nuances of the international metal scene. I just think that the squeals of guitar in tracks like "Angel in Black" and the speedy thrash riffs are lower in the mix around the vocals and the guitars are cleaner than any "normal" Euro black metaler would do, except maybe Naglfar (and I for one even throw a question at that categorization of them), who plays very loud with neat production value. Dying Messiah does not play as loudly as Naglfar and their production value is certainly not as high, an observation that checks the box next to "black metal."

Then there is the title track, "The Church of the Selfish." This track is filled with death metal vocals that carry well over the keyboard laden melancholy metal that reminds me so much of some seconds found in CDs by Xasthur and Striborg. But that same song also blasts out and riffs along lines that are much closer to death metal than black metal or suicide metal. I get the impression that Dying Messiah is not just playing guitar and playing fast metal, but also antagonizing metal itself (something I like to see). This of course brings up The Anxiety of Influence again. Dying Messiah seems to embrace an always-on metal artistry that, like Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, struggles against the lazy way of metal cliché. Nietzsche would not speak in clichés and Dying Messiah does not either. I recommend checking out The Church of the Selfish.

Dying Messiah

review by Jesse A Lambertson exclusively for


I thought that the scene of Death Metal had all but come to a stale end for me lately, but this band, Dying Messiah, was a breath of fresh air. Blending old school melodies the likes of Death, post "Symbolic" era with the likes of old school Morbid Angel, and you have got a great recipe for some chaotic shit here folks! This band seems to blend all genres of metal into their craft, even delving into the depths of old school Emperor and Cradle Of Filth before they sold out and went all gay and shit! Each song has a solid layer of guitar and drum work, both with technical works but it also keeps it simple enough for the typical listener to bang their head along easily. I think that this band is quite eery. Every song seems to envelope you into listening to it with an uneasy feeling of the possibility of some strange shit happening, so yes I belive that this band tries to emulate the feeling of being surrounded by the paranormal, if I am wrong then fuck this music gave me that impression! Sort of like how you feel when watching a old horror movie done correctly, it just leaves you feeling hopeless and desolate, which I like! My stand out tracks on this recording are definitely "Angel In Black" and "Heretic Jesus", both on their myspace page and on thier album which they have been giving away for free, and I thank them for a bad ass piece of underground delight! If they continue to work on thier sound and keep on going back to the well for old school influences, then this band will go far and kick a fair amount of ass among the crowded numbers in the underground scene! I can honestly give this effort a solid 7 out of 10 on the songs themselves and a 7 out of 10 on the recording quality, some of it is a bit to high or mid level on the recording, but it was free and it kicks ass for what it is!! You can check them out on myspace at http://dyingmessiah .

Joshuah Jones on behalf of The Legion 666 and Unbound Productions


With a moniker like Dying Messiah and the album 'The Church Of The Selfish' bearing such songs as 'The Weak Shall Inherit Nothing', 'Heretic Jesus' and 'Angel In Black' it's a relatively safe bet that you won't be seeing this particular band turning up on your doorstep to sell bibles any time in the near future.

With that said and that in mind, you might be lead to believe one man outfit Dying Messiah from the United States are practitioners of raw sacrilegious black metal which isn't exactly the case.
There are plenty of flourishes and components of BM lingering among the irreligious invectives on display here but the overall sound is much more of a hybrid affair, toying and tangling with a medley of styles.
Integrated into the sound are squealing and grinding death metal ragings along with a robust dose of prime time thrash with strewn lines of melody and an abundance of harmonics competing with insistent drum work.
The likes of thrash titans Slayer and Metallica in their glory days (i.e. the much earlier efforts as to opposed to more recent excursions) are recalled in these numbers never more prevalent than on title track 'The Church Of The Selfish' which boasts plenty of 'Ride The Lightning' era Metallicaisms, in particular 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'.

'The Breeding Of Ignorance' initiates things with a black entangled with death introduction leading into a more midpaced stamp with a constant clattering of cymbals and a sibilant hissed vocal style which is appropriately fiendish enough but clearly audible and understandable in opposition to some of the hellish garble which passes for vocals on some releases. This is fortunate given no lyric sheet is provided.
This one houses an unexpected and quite decent solo which sits stark against the march of the riff.

The wonderfully titled 'The Weak Shall Inherit Nothing' storms in on the heels of the opener with a harsher perspective on the vocals and arctic gusts of black metal influence capering with more grating death oriented riffing.
Short in duration which is a recurring factor for the majority of these songs-there are no sprawling epic opuses located here, one would be hard pressed to find a song stretching to five minutes in length, three is the rough average-it is fast and full of gritted out fervour.

While the opening couple of tracks kick straight into full throttle mode immediately and then either drop to more sedate stuttered thrusts of guitar, elsewhere there are slow burning building numbers, seguing from quiet beginnings into more brutal pieces, the Testament like 'Angel In Black' and 'Hour Of Darkness' being good examples of this technique.
There are a plethora of pummelling riffs and punishing drums to be found within the nine tracks and the voice though neither a black metal snarl or a deep unfathomable death growl but somewhere in between gels well with it though at times I feel there is a bit of excess with the lead breaks and pinched harmonics.

Dying Messiahs dilemma is that some of the elements and tactics employed may be a little too mainstream for the extreme while at the other end of the spectrum others a little too extreme for the mainstream.
In particular 'Scars Of Failure' is a prime example of tending too far towards the mainstream with intros almost bordering on power metal or classic traditional metal which probably isn't a terrible thing under certain circumstances but stacked alongside some of the death metal leanings this probably isn't the best instance for it.

Depending on which direction Dying Messiah elect to take and I suspect it would be with a preference to angling in the more extreme vein of things rather than any sort of dalliance with radio friendly metal any shortcomings can be easily rectified by ramping up the brutality of guitars and culling some of the harmonic overload.
All in all Dying Messiah has assembled a respectable cluster of tunes, not specifically grounded in any one specific genre, dancing from death through thrash, black and progressive and back but appealing nonetheless and surely worthy of examining.

Track Listing

1. The Breeding Of Ignorance
2. The Weak Shall Inherit Nothing
3. Heretic Jesus
4. Angel In Black
5. The Church Of The Selfish
6. Hour Of Darkness
7. Scars Of Failure
8. We're Only Equal In The Grave
9. Thin Out The Numbers

All lyrics and instrumentation written and performed by Richard Schierer

Written By Jamie Goforth
Ó 2008 BlackMetalJim.





8-8-08 Review of Dying Messiah, The Church Of The Selfish


This is a rather innovative album, very death metal with a noticable black metal influence. If you like death and/or black metal, you should enjoy this as much as I did. It has nine tracks, 1)The Breeding Of Ignorance, 2)The Weak Shall Inherit Nothing, 3)Heretic Jesus, 4)Angel In Black, 5)The Church Of The Selfish, 6)Hour Of Darkness, 7) Scars Of Failure, 8) We're Only Equal In The Grave, 9) Thin Out The Numbers. All written and performed by Richard Schierer, all instruments. (Including some keyboard, nice touch) Thanks again to him for sending me this new CD! If you want to hear some of it, go to: , and maybe he'll send you one (If he likes you, ha ha!)



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