News & Info June 2011

Demon Possessed # 2 will be released sometime this year. This will be a collection of rerecorded versions of a selection of songs from the first 3 albums. Still no title for this release at the moment but the artwork and cd design is already laid out with a few minor details to be completed. Thanks to Paul Spence for providing the artwork for the front and back design, this is the second album Paul has contributed an album design for, Anarchy By Any Means Necessary being the other. I will be posting the list of the songs that will be featured at another time.


 News & Info June 2011

News about new recordings to be released in 2012. I have been writing songs for the next full length for a year and  a half now and have a total of 18 songs, as of now 15 are demoed up already with drums and guitars already laid down. Since it would be ridiculous to put 18 songs on an album it will be divided into 2 albums. I have decided to use two different artists for the album cover designs. I am certain this is my best body of work to date I have made an effort to not rush the process and let the songs develop and evolve which is the same process that The Church Of The Selfish went through and these songs have gone through many changes and rearrangements parts taken out and new parts put in and so on and so forth. No lyrics have been written although there are titles and concepts laid out and some ugly topics will be covered as usual. More information will be made available as things progress. Don't expect any leaked tracks anytime soon also I am no longer updating the myspace page so if you support Dying Messiah all new updates will be made here and Reverbnation for now.



News and Info October 2010

Brand new EP The Disgusted will be released on CD October 26th 2010 on my personal DIY Label Demon Possessed Records. it includes 5 new songs some of which i have been playing at shows already this year it is a definite leap forward since the last release. It is just a brief glimpse into some of whats to come in the future. a full length will be released next year i am far into the writing sessions already its gonna be brutal as fuck! Wait for it!~



Started the year with releasing the 3rd album State Of Paranoia in January and began putting a band together to do some shows. Did one show with the band recorded a live cd and dvd but this will not be released, no disrespect to those who participated but its not a good representation of what Dying Messiah is. Since this I remain solo and have been performing this way ever since. In july I decided to hook up with Jason Evil Covelli and Human Burial Records who offered to do the artwork for Coughing Up Bloody Chunks and release it on his DIY label. At the same time I discussed hooking up with Record Union who’s A&R Daniel I know from the cd trades as Wrath Passion from Norway, so in October the new album was released in partnership with Record Union for digital distibution and with Human Burial to release the official CD. Since this I have been doing shows to promote the new album and will be taking a long break from recording I will still be doing shows I am by no means quitting. In the meantime there will be no splits coming in the future or ever for that matter and I will not be involved with the previous side projects anymore. However I will be providing vocals for an upcoming album with Black Vulture featuring Atilla from "Sarratum" and Martin from "Prayer of the Dying" both geniuses in their own right. The music is already recorded they are waiting on me to write the lyrics and record my parts so this will be my main focus for the time being. Dying messiah will continue although some people don’t like my music and would rather I quit this is what I do and if there is anything I believe in it is this shit right here. Thanx and respect to all my supporters and all the bands and the musicians I was fortunate enough to shared a stage with this year.


New EP "Coughing Up Bloody Chunks" will be available in october released on Human Burial CD's & Tapes featuring the artwork of Jason "Evil" Covelli and 8 extremely Brutal tracks that play in less than 20 minutes. The lyrical subject matter is controversively ugly for some people but its death metal its gotta be this way. This is the 4th release and is without a doubt the best sounding recordings i have managed to accomplish. A lot of time was put into choosing the songs for this album and a lot of songs did not make the cut that weren't good enough some of which were made available for free download months ago along with 2 album versions. I definetly recommend getting this album i shit you not it is fucking sick just look at the artwork.  I have already got a handful tracks for the next one so i guess this isn't the last you will hear from Dying Messiah.

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