Dying Messiah is an extreme one man brutalizer that started in 2004 blending death metal, black metal, thrash and experimental progressive elements with raw aggressive DIY punk ethics evolving into a molotov cocktail of brutality. Since the releasing of the debut full length album The Church Of The Selfish in mid 2007 Dying Messiah has released 4 albums of material independently worldwide through mail order. Richard Schierer is the creator and only member playing all instrumentation from guitars, bass, keyboards/synths/piano, vocals, drum machine and programming. The earlier  music is very dark often epic and excessive at times but well orchestrated and never lacking the brutal vicious attack of metal. More resent efforts are more stripped down brutal death metal with the most resent "Coughing up bloody chunks EP" the songs are short and to the point ranging from quick blasters to slower paced death metal slammers.  

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